Or how to become the Star of the evening ! 

Specifically designed for dancing, the all new STAR CAGE is a mobile elevated, circular cage which can accommodate two dancers at the same time.

The swiftness in assembling and dismantling (+/- 30 minutes) of this little marvel provides hours and hours of fun for the owners and the users. This unique product, related to SKY DANCE, is meant for mobile discothèques, specialized leasing centers and clubs looking for a new decor or attraction.

Moreover, this gogo dancing cage needs no electricity or any power. This high quality product is made with a steel base, chromium-plated steel and laminated aluminum.

Imagine this solid podium set up in a few minutes, outside your club, close to the main entrance, with « live » dancers. What an aperitif !!!!!

Nothing like it to attract the public’s attention and boost your popularity.



Technical data
Interior and/or exterior use    
Total height:   8 ft 7 3/8 in (2,63 m)
Height of the dance floor:   2 ft (0,6 m)
Total diameter :   42 in (1,06 m)
Weight by parts (non-assembled):  

Simple rails (12’s) 8 lbs (3,6 kg)
Ring of the top (1’s) 18 lbs (8.2 kg)
Base of the cage (1’s) 132 lbs (60 kg)

X base (1's) 67 lbs (30.5 kg)

Total weight (assembled) :   335 lbs (152 kg)


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