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(Photos Millennium Nightclub Montreal)


We are proud to present the SKY DANCE a spectacular patented (USA #5689917) hydraulic dance floor especially designed for nightclubs of today and tomorrow.

Basically, the SKY DANCE consists of a hydraulic circular dance platform which can accommodate up to three dancers. As you can see from the annexed illustrations, the thrilling experience takes off on the circular dance floor, which is surrounded by a cage of chrome bars topped by a ceiling with spectacular lighting effects. When activated to the rhythm of the music the SKY DANCE floor moves up and down while the dancers perform to electrify the crowd.

In order to make the SKY DANCE a reality, a substantial amount of both time and money has been invested in research and development for its design and production. All the components of the structure, the hydraulic system, the suspension of the dance floor, the electronic controls as well as the security of the dancers have successfully gone through severe testing.

The SKY DANCE is a total lift off for all the " in " nightclubs of the planet and is now a
must for those who are hip.


The SKY DANCE is...

  • A unique architectural enhancement.
  • A sructure that reflects light due to the chrome bars.
  • An amazing start-up for your evenings.
  • An elevator that keeps pace with the music.
  • A ride that will make your nightclub the talk of the town and more.

Also consider that the SKY DANCE is...

  • Adaptable to any type of room. (the ceiling is at least) 12 feet 10 inches hight. (3,91 m)
  • Easy to install (one or many) in less than a day .
  • Highly secure both for the dancers and for the public.
  • Ideal as a dais for the MC. or host on special evenings.

The SKY DANCE includes :

  • A ground socket
  • 1 chrome twelve-bar steel cage
  • 1 hydraulic system
  • 1 stroboscope
  • 1 white light
  • 1 dim red light
  • 1 remote control (100 foot cord / 30,5 m)
  • 1 complete instruction
Technical information

Total height :
  12 feet 9.5 inches (3,91 m)
Floor height :
  - minimun level: 37 inches (0,94 m)
- maximun level: 56 inches (1,42 m)
Diameter :
  3 feet 6 inches (1,07 m)
Total weight :
  790 pounds (358 kg)
Electric voltage :   220 volts 10 amps (50/60 htz)
Speed floor ascension :   ± 12 secondes

Each SKY DANCE is delivered in two wooden cases.
One of 4 ft x 4 ft x 4 ft / +/- 680 pounds
And the second of 1 ft x 1 ft x 9 ft / +/- 220 pounds

(One of 1,22 m x 1,22 m x 1,22 m / +/- 310 kg
And the second of 0,3 m x 0,3 m x 2,74 m / +/- 100 kg)

The SKY DANCE can be shipped by truck, boat or plane.


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