A new rotating stage for strip-teasers

Especially designed for selective clubs with nude dancers, PLUTON is a revolving floor affixed directly to the stage in order to permit your beautiful goddesses to be admired to the fullest extent by all of your customers.

Imagine how surprised each person will be when he realizes that the stage is actually turning. What a panoramic view ! ! ! The stripper will be seen from all angles ! ! !

Increase your popularity with PLUTON......a wise investment ! ! !

Ah yes, PLUTON is the prop you have dreamed about for your dancers...They will be able to create or adapt different choreographies and dance to the movement of the rotating floor controlled by your DJ.

Technical data

  • Adjustable speed 0 to 1 revolution per minute
  • Choice of direction of rotation
  • Remote control (remote included)
  • Total diameter : 6 feet 8 inches (2,03 m)
  • Diameter of the turning platform ; 6 feet (1,83 m)
  • Electrical power : 120/220 volts, 1 Amp, (50/60 htz)
  • Turning platform finish :
    • chromed steel or marble
  • Fast intallation (delivered in one piece)
  • Weight 495 pounds (225 kg)

PLUTON is delivered inside 1 wooden box
( 7 feet X 7 feet X 2 feet / 2,13 m x 2,13 m x 0,61 m)

Can be seen at : Club super 9, Quebec (Can) (2 units)
Channel 1 Releasing,California (USA)
Club Solid Gold, Quebec (Can)
Club Baby Dolls, Texas (USA)
Club/Restaurant Flirt, New-Jersey (USA) (2 units)

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